The Triton Codex

Turn Based Games

Time does not progress as normal in a turn based game. It will only advance once all players have had a chance to review their Empire.

Each player is presented with a button they can press to indicate that they are happy with their plans. When all players in the game have submitted a turn, the game will jump forward in time.

A turn based game can be configured to jump forward in 6, 8, 12 or 24 hours when all players are ready.

To keep a game moving, each player has a deadline in which they must play their turn. When the deadline expires, all players will be made ready automatically and the game will jump forward in time.

View the games Custom Settings on the Leaderboard to see how far a game will jump in time and how long the player deadline is.

Turn Based games can be a great way to play a whole game in a single afternoon. Just get together with your friends and set a short turn deadline!
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