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Common Game Questions

Why is the ETA of my carriers are the same, even when I can see in the map they are different distances from the star?
Neptune's Pride is not really real time, everything happens in ticks. In a standard game a tick is 1 hour. This means that carriers only move at the end of each whole hour on the production clock. Then when they move they jump forward 1 hour blocks.

If two carriers will arrive at a star at the same time. Who will defend?
If the star doesn't yet belong to any player, then the carrier that has traveled the least distance in the last tick will gain the defenders bonus. If the star is already claimed, the player who owns the star will be defender, even if this player has no ships on the star at the time.

I'll complete Weapons Tech in the same hour as a carrier arrives, will I fight with the new Weapons?
Unfortunately no, carrier movement and combat is the first thing that happens each tick.

What order do things happen each game tick?

  1. All carriers move, and if they complete a jump they do garrison transfers.
  2. There is a combat at every star with enemy carriers in orbit. The winner claims the star.
  3. Industry then produces new ships.
  4. Each player conducts research.
  5. If this is the last tick of a galactic cycle, players earn money, then scientists conduct experiments.
  6. The game tests to see if anybody has won.

Two players have the same number of stars when the game ends.
The players are sorted by total stars, then by total ships when calculating placings.

How do I configure the production time in my games?
The first production is 24 hours from when the game starts. Games start when the last player joins. As a game admin, a seat in your game will be reserved for you, so you can simply wait until you are the last player to join, and start the game at a time that is convenient for your players.

Common Support Questions

Game Audio Broken.
HTML5 Audio simply doesn't work on many phones and tablets. We include audio as an option for people playing on desktop computers playing and modern browsers.

The game is stuck on the loading screen.
NP2: Triton requires a modern browser like Chrome or Firefox. Installing one of these browsers should solve this problem.

I'm enjoying Triton but can't get the old games to work on my tablet or phone.
Blight of the Immortals, Jupiter's Folly and the first Neptune's Pride are Flash based and will not work on your phone or tablet.

Acceptable Behavior

Neptune's Pride may be a game of treachery and deception, but there are a few important rules that ensure the game is fun for everybody.

Racism, sexism, or any other offensive language will result in account closure.

Public accusations of a player using more that one account in a game cannot be proven and so should not be speculated. It's offensive to accuse somebody of cheating when they are playing fairly.

Selecting a name at the start of the game designed to make it difficult to distinguish you from another player is bad form and can also result in account closure.

If you see any of the behavior above, please help out by reminding players what we consider acceptable, and if the problem persists, please let me know. If I can see your warning in the game message log I can go ahead and close the offending account immediately.

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